Package Description




  • Missions for yourpolice officers
    →Escort inmates from Bolingbroke State Prison to another prison
  • Full Dispatch system, which can be integrated into your phone or tablet
  • Realistic and interactive Weaponry
  • Vehicle Register and Vehicle Owner Request tool 
  • Advanced player interactions, including highlights like: Alcohol test, Invoice and License check as well as a "Send to prison" function.
  • All in-game fines can be managed by the chief in-game. Ultimate easy.
  • Optional integrations for our well-known scripts myPrison and myImpound

Advanced boss menu/management system:

  • Create your job outfits ingame: The boss can create the outfit and set up who can access this
  • Manage all job grades ingame (salary etc.) AND create, rename or reorganize your grades completely ingame!
  • Society money and everything a boss menu usually also does

All of our scripts are delivered with an english and german translation and a detailed and easy-to-use config!

Vehicle info




Prison missions


Note for QB users: The QB version of this script does not contain all advanced boss features, since the opportunities to change grades and similar ingame are restricted in QB. Everything else is 100% like on ESX: