Package Description


With this script we present an advanced all-in-one taxi job for your server!


- Dispatch system

-> The player can use a command or a function in a phone to call a taxi.

-> All on-duty taxi drivers get a notification and can accept the dispatch

- Advanced missions system

-> VIP Missions: VIP guests which have to be shuttled with a Stretch limousine

-> Business Missions: Set up different high-class vehicles to shuttle business owners 

-> Taxi Missions: Normal missions where the default cab is being used.

Advanced boss menu/management system:

- Create your job outfits ingame: The boss can create the outfit and everybody can access this

- Manage all job grades ingame (salary etc.) AND create, rename or reorganize your grades completely ingame!

-> For QB only those options are there, which are possible in the framework. Everything else is exactly like in the ESX version!

- Society money and everything a boss menu usually also does


Different missions type:


Example missions task: