Package Description


Important Note for QB users: The QB version of this script does only contain a lite version of our advanced boss features, since the opportunities to change grades and similar ingame are restricted in QB. We recommend using our script beside your QB mechanic script- Also the storage and wardrobe are disabled in the QB version. All the job features like missions, vehicle diagnosis etc. of course works the same.

With this script we present the all-in-one Mechanic job solution for your server.

LS Customs or/and Benny Job or whatever you want is of course possible!



- Missions for your players to earn money 

-> Two different types: Repair or towing missions, so it doesn't become boring.

- Ultra realistic vehicle "diagnosis" tool. With this you can detect where the vehicle is damaged and which parts are required to repair this vehicle

- Clean Mission UI

- You can repair the vehicle partly - f.e. only the engine, rank or body

- Buy parts for the vehicle repairs in a special job shop

- Great missions log for the boss to check which employee did the most revenue

Advanced boss menu/management system:

- Create your job outfits ingame: The boss can create the outfit and everybody can access this

- Manage all job grades ingame (salary etc.) AND create, rename or reorganize your grades completely ingame!

- Society money and everything a boss menu usually also does

- Great and easy usage in NativeUI

Example mission:


Vehicle analysis:


Manage job grades ingame: