myMinijobs (Pack 2)


Package Description

Hey guys,

with this release I want to present my second Minijob pack containing three new job scripts, to let your players earn some money in their freetime apart from their normal jobs.


Including 3 different jobs:

The Quarry (Mining) job:

-> Work in the quarry as a controller and maintain the systems or drive the bulldozer or dump

The GoPostal job

-> Bring mail and goods from the headquarter to different distribution centers. Three different categories of cargo are available: small, fresh and heavy cargo

The Cleaner job:

-> Clean the windows of different buildings (for example the Premium Deluxe Motorsport, FIB Headquarter or LifeInvader)

The experience system:

Every time you work you’ll increase your job level . In the Config you can restrict certain vehicles and routes for specific job level then. So your player have to spend some time to gain valueable experience to access new routes. This progress is saved in the database.


Of course all positions, routes, vehicles, salaries and of course all translations can be set up in a Config file. As always the script comes with an English and German Translation by default.