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Hey guys,

today I want to presen myMailing - a complete in-game mailing system.

Since I saw a lot of servers, which use real mail adresses and different providers to handle their character mails. But not every player wants a real mail adress for an ingame character, and that's why we developed myMailing!


Features of myMailing

- Full ingame mail messanging

- The players can create their own mail adresses. It's also possible to log into other mail accounts (of a friend or a company)

- Full ingame platform for:

-> Login/Register

-> Incomming Mails

-> Outgoing Mails

-> Sending Mails

- You can set up a custom suffix for your server (

- You can also create mail accounts for your Police Department or Medical Department to manage applications completely through this system

- You can set up computers at your PD or an office

- You can set up all messages and the main colour in the Config