myPrison [QBCore]


Package Description

Hey guys,

and welcome to the script myPrison, which provides everything you can imagine for your jail management.



- Create as many jails as you want

-> not only for the Bolingbroke Penitentiary, also manage your LSPD cells and so on with this script!

- Full jail management menu (for configurable jobs)

-> Check all inmates, change their remaining time in prison or release them

- Easy to use menu to arrest players

- Full Prison log 

- Work for the inmates

-> configurable with rewards (less time in prison)

- Manipulation (Bribe) option for guards (can be completely configured and disabled)

- Escape Alert for the PD

- Inmates get food and drinks from the guards

- Prison gym for the inmates

- Optional prison clothes and options to automatically remove weapons and items from the player when entering the prison and restore up on release