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Hey guys,

with this script I want to present myClothesshop!


- Torso bug prevention: For every torso of the male and female skin, there is a suitable t-shirt and arms configured. So when you scroll through the Torsos, the script will automatically adapt your t-shirt and arms. When you change your arms afterwards manually, they can still bug, but a suitable example is always given.
If you have modded clothing parts, you can also configure this prevention for those.

- Script spawns NPC sellers to make it more realistic

-> to avoid bugs and increase performance the npc is being deleted when you are out of focus.

* Beautiful UI using NativeUI. As well as menu headers, which depends on the location where you are

- You can set up as many different shops as you want

-> with different prices per location

-> optional required Job option. So you can for example create a police only clothesshop for example

-> different shop content

- Outfits can be saved and also changed in the Clothesshop.

- Restricted clothes parts feature (individual configurable per shop)



- QB

- NativeUIReloaded