mySpeedcam [QBCore]


Package Description


FiveM info post:


Place speedcams everywhere (physical objects)

-> Also there is a command or menu integration, so your police officers could place temporary speedcams everywhere

Set up and edit max speed, flash range, label, society and more

Overview menu to see all current speedcams on the map

Speedcam Income menu to check how much profit every speedcame generates

-> Also you can see who was the last player which was caught speeding

All objects are  synced between all players

Different societies for different speedcams are possible.

-> For example the LSPD could get the fines in the city and the Sheriff Department could get the fines in Sandy Shores and Paleto

Configurable jobs, which shouldn‘t get fines. They‘ll still be flashed to keep It realistic.

-> You can set up that the job is only allowed to speed, when the emergency light is on.


- es_extended (All versions) or QBCore

- NativeUI