Package Description

FiveM Post:

Hey guys,

and welcome to the release of myGarage.

With myGarage I want to provide an advanced garage system with all features, which were ever requested by our community.

Showcase Video:


  • Public garages: Everybody is able to access those garages. You can set up an individual
    • Parking fee
    • Total parking spaces
    • Parking spaces per player
  • Special Garages for Boats, Aircrafts, Helicopters
  • Property Garages (for myProperties): When you use myProperties you can now set up individual garage locations for every property. When a player purchases such a property, he will automatically get a private garage.
    • You can also grant access for the garage to friends.
    • Each garage has a certain vehicle slot limit
  • Job Garages: With support for multiple jobs. And also vehicle slot limits like in the public garages.
    • You can set up your society vehicles. so those can only saved in Job garages.
  • Mileage: If you use this option, the mileage of your vehicles is saved in the database and can be checked in every garage.
  • Support for AdvancedParking: When you use AdvancedParking, you can park your vehicle everywhere on the map. With this script you are able to track the current position of your vehicles.
  • Players can only get their vehicles from the garage, where they stored them.
    • or from the Impound Yard
  • Impounds: Can be placed all over the map with a cooldown to avoid any abuse.
  • Vehicle fuel, engine and body damageis saved and can be checked in the garage menu.
    • Also supports LegacyFuel
  • Support for custom numberplates
  • Everything is configurable: You can simply add new garages, impounds, and so on. 
    • Also there is a /createGarage command, which can be used to create private Garages (f.e. by a realestateagent)
  • There is a translations part in the Config with all messages, already including german and english translations. Of course you can add every language you want.

Regarding Escrow:

This script is managed through the FiveM Keymaster.
Regarding this we paid the highest attention to the opportunity that everybody can simply modify everything without any encryption.
For this matter we only included about 2-3 pretty small functions, which never have to be modified and can’t cause any problems into the escrow file. So I can promise 100% that you will not even notice this protection, when you aren’t willed to leak the script.


- ESX (1.1; 1.2; 1-final; legacy are tested)
- NativeUI