QBFarming [QBCore]


Package Description

Hey and welcome to the QB-Version of myFarming:

This is a completely modified version of our best-selling script myFarming, which was developed for ESX. This new farming script for QBCore works completely with the QB Notifications, menus, progress bars and so on and includes a minigame from QB while farming. Of course also the QB items files are included and this system supports the QB weight system.

Features of myFarming:

- You can set up different farming zones with configurable

-> Items (It's also possible to give f.e. different items with certain possibilities)

-> Farming ranges (with blip-ranges)

-> Animations or Scenarios

-> Collecting time

-> Item amount (random range)

There is also the small default minigame included for the farming

- You can set up different manufacturer with as many options as you want

- You collect experience while farming and manufacturing. With more experience you can unlock more complicated manufacturing steps.

- You can set up as many seller for farming items as you want (With a configurable price boost)

- You can set up  delivery missions, where the player have to get certain items and have to deliver them to a destination.

- Full language compatibility (Translation file with english and german configuration by default)

- And of course simply everything can be set up in the Config!

Simple Installation:

1.) Put the script in your ressources folder

2.) Import the .sql file to your database

3.) Add the content of items.txt (or items_en.txt) to your QBShared.Items from your shared.lua (resources > [qb] > qb-core > shared.lua)

4.) Add the images from QBFarming to your inventory images folder

5.) Set up the Config.lua / When you need the english translations, you can copy and paste them from the config_en.lua. Only the config.lua is loaded, so it only matters what's into this file.

6.) Add 'start QBFarming' to your server.cfg