Package Description

Hey guys,

and welcome to my Release of myLockers:

with this script I want to present a great solution for lockers, which can be used by jobs like police and ambulance or by gangs. The possibilities are limitless.


- Create lockers pretty easy with an ingame menu, which can be opened by using /createLocker

- Access your locker by using

-> An individual password per locker, which can be changed in the locker menu. This allows you to grant everybody you want access to the locker (for example great for gangs or the PD)

-> A keycard item, which is defined during the creation. With the keycard you can open the locker, also when you don't have the password (can also be used to reset the password)

- Store money, black money, items and weapons in the locker

- You can create as many lockers as you want at one position. 

-> For example: You can create one "Collector Locker" at the PD and then create an individual locker for every player. The player will get a list of all available lockers, when he is at the "Collector locker"




- NativeUI