Package Description


Hey and welcome to myImpound!



- You can set up as many Impounds as you want and all will have unique storages. So if a vehicle is Impounded at the Police City Impound, you also can only get it back there.

- An impounded vehicle is completely removed from the owned_vehicles table as long as it's impounded. So there is no possibility to duplicate vehicles or to get it back without paying the security deposit.

- Vehicles which are at the "Drop off zone" can be impounded at the Impound menu by police officers. They can select the vehicle from a list and

-> Set a security deposit: If they do this the owner of the vehicle will be able to get his vehicle back by paying this amount.

- A vehicle can also be impounded without the possibility to get it back. In this case the vehicle have to be released by an officer.

- As an officer you have an overview of all impounded vehicles and the possibility to manage the security deposits. As a normal citizen you can access a list of your impounded vehicles.