Package Description

Hey guys,

with myCrafting we want to present our newest FiveM script, which provides the possibility to craft items and weapons with or without recipes.


  • Multiple ways to set up a recipe:
    -> Visible for everybody: Nobody needs a certain recipe item in this case. Everybody can select this recipe from the list on the left side.
    -> Visible with recipe: You have to find a certain recipe item to see the recipe on the left side.
    -> Invisible: You have to try different crafting ideas on your own.
    ->Job restrictions: You can set upreceipts, which should only be displayed for a certain job (f.e. drinks for Bahama Mamas)
     You can set this up individually for every recipe!
  • The 3x3 crafting grid allows nearly endless possibilities for different recipes.
  • Beautiful crafting visualization in a clean UI with item pictures (You can add an image for every item in the html/image folder)
  • You can set up all your recipes, the interface color and all messages simply through the Config.
  • You can open the Crafting menu at a workbench, via control press or simply through an event from every script you want.