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Hey guys,

and welcome to myCardealer. With this script I want to present my solution for a cool roleplay cardealer.


- You can set up to four vehicle showrooms to exhibit the vehicles, which are for sale.

- The player can open a menu at each showroom and can have a look at the configurable vehicles

-> Performance

-> Maximum speed

-> Speedup 0-100

-> Amount of modifications

-> Fuel capacity

- As a cardealer you are also able to change the color of the vehicle and to spawn it for a test-drive

- The cardealer can't sell an infinite amount of vehicles. Before a vehicle can be sold, it have to be ordered. More information below.

- All normal job features are included like a Wardrobe, a Boss menu, and of course a Ring to get the cardealers attention, when he isn't at the shop.

- Of course you can add every vehicle you want to the shop!

How to order a new vehicle?

- First of all you have to go to the Computer at the cardealer and select the vehicle you want to sell

- Then press "Manufacture this vehicle". This will take a certain amount of time (configured in the database).

- When this time is over, your vehicle is ready for the delivery to your shop.

- After pressing the "Bring car to the dealership" button your vehicle will arrive at 6 pm at your cardealer.

- Now you are able to sell this vehicle! 

- You can always check the current state at the computer




- NativeUI