Package Description

Hey guys,

with this post I want to present myATMRobbery. An ATM robbery script I've wrote a while ago for my own server.


- You can set up as many ATMs as you want with individual

-> Cooldown Timers (An ATM in Paleto Bay could have a longer cooldown, as an ATM in the city)

    Those timers are synced between players

-> Maximum Loot (An ATM in the city f.e. could give more money, than an ATM at Sandy Shores)

- The robbery is a process: If you stay longer at the ATM, you'll receive more money. But you also increase the risk to be catched by the police

- Cop Notifications when a Robbery is started and aborted.

- Alarm sound, which is synced between all players

- Full Translation file with English and German translation by default.