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Hey guys,

with this topic I want to present myCharCreator: A creator, which includes all the features of [myClothesshop]( and much more:


- Torso bug prevention: For every torso of the male and female skin, there is a suitable t-shirt and arms configured. So when you scroll through the Torsos, the script will automatically adapt your t-shirt and arms. When you change your arms afterwards manually, they can still bug, but a suitable example is always given.

-> If you have modded clothing parts, you can also configure this prevention for those.

- Components Blocker: You can set up certain components, which should be blocked (f.e. police uniforms)

- You can set up your character in very high detail in the beautiful UI of NativeUIReloaded. 

-> You can set up the parents, the similarity and complexion

-> All face variations like sun damage, eyecolour, ageing...are configurable

- There is an editable list in the config, where you can set up all components, which can be edited.

- As always this script includes a full Translation file with english and german translations by default.