myHUD - Configurable


Package Description

Hey and welcome to myHUD!


All options enabled with the newest update:


The Hud now supports SaltyChat native. So when you use SaltyChat, there is no need to change anything!
myHud is a player hud, which includes a display of

  • Money
  • Black Money
  • Jobname
  • Voice-range
  • Health
  • Hunger
  • Thrist
  • Alcohol

In the Config.lua file you can simply disable / enable the health, voice-range and money to adapt the HUD as easily as possible to your beliefs.

In Addition there are explanations given to simply edit the colors and progress bar thickness of your HUD!

Regarding the voice-range:

Because there are tons of different ways for your voice chat, you have to add a simple event to your voice chat, when the voice-range is changed. The event is called: TriggerEvent("myHUD:updateVoiceRange", progress). -> Instead of progress add your voice-range there.

If you don't want to use the voice-range feature in general, just disable this in the Config.lua.


  • esx_status (You have to add an event to your esx_status -> completely explained in the readme.txt)
  • esx_basicneeds