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Hey guys,

and welcome to my new release of myRobbery!

How does it work?

- You can set up as many missions as you want in your Config.lua. The robbery can only be started in a configured timespan.

- When you start the robbery your first goal is it to find the alarm code, which is somewhere in the house (Will be different every time). But you only have a certain amount of seconds, until the cops will be notified

- When you found the alarm code, you can go to the alarm system and disable the alarm. Till this happens you'll hear an alarm sound.

- Whether you found the code or not, you can now steal all items, which are configured in the config. Some objects can also give multiple items or simply money (or black money).

- To finish your robbery, you can simply go to the exit.

- When the seller is activated, also the possibility to sell your stolen objects is included in the script.


- NativeUI (optional)