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Hey guys,

and welcome to myFarming or my jobsystem. I've wrote this because I didn't really liked other jobscripts, which let you drive to a point, next point and next point with a certain vehicle, in certain clothes. So I tried to make a bit more interessting job system - and that's it!

Features of myFarming:

- You can set up different farming zones with configurable

-> Items (It's also possible to give f.e. different items with certain possibilities)

-> Farming ranges (with blip-ranges)

-> Animations

-> Collecting time

-> Item amount (random range)

- You can set up different manufacturer with as many options as you want

- You collect experience while farming and manufacturing. With more experience you can unlock more complicated items.

- You can set up as many sellers for farming items as you want (With a configurable price boost)

- You can set up  delivery missions, where the player have to get certain items and have to deliver them to a destination.

- Included weight system, which can be set up completely standalone

- Full language compatibility (Translation file with english and german configuration by default)