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Hey guys,

today I want to present my billing system which provides some special features, which are extremely useful - especially for roleplay servers.


- When you issue an invoice the other player have to accept the invoice. This also avoids that players receive invoices just "for fun".

- When a player doesn't pay his bills, they are automatically and partly paid every night. There is also a menu included, so the player can view his partly paid invoices. Also he can pay the remaining amount through this menu

- Every player have the opportunity to issue an invoice (can be disabled in the Config)

- No need to change your scripts: I've left the sendBill event completely like it was in ESX, so you just have to turn off esx_bills to make this work.

Showcase Video:



- NativeUI

- cron

Important note: If you're currently using esx_billing, you can change without any effort to this script:

You only have to import the new .sql file for the partial payment. All open invoices and events are still working.