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Hey guys,

with this script I want to present my drug script, which I wrote for roleplay servers. This will make your drug procedure a lot more fun.

The script works similar to GTA Online:

- You can buy a weed, meth or coke farm and then it's up to you:

-> You have to get suppliments, to keep the production running

-> You can upgrade the equipment and security to increase productivity and storage

-> You can invite other players (perfect for roleplay): You can decide whether they should have permanent access or if they only should make one mission.


- Configurable farms

- You have to do missions to get suppliments

- Production only when there are enough suppliments

- Vehicle for the mission have to be bought (fully managed by the script)

- You can invite other players to help at your mission

- Farm upgrades

- Key cards, to give other players access

- Weed, Meth and Coke production


Also the script is available in two languages: English and German